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What are you willing to sacrifice in order to reach your dreams? Over the past couple months I had to prove to myself I was willing to do the things most would’t in order to live the life most can’t. I might be living “#mybestlife ” but I had to experience my worst life so that my current reality could exist.

A few months before I began focusing on the goal to relocate my family to Jamaica, my 1 year old dog, pictured above got loose…I was afraid for her and for the pain my family might experience if a worst case scenario happened…

I had no idea how much this animal meant to me until she was lost. I was determined to find her…

I spent countless nights in the freezing cold, walking down train tracks where I thought she might be, calling her name tirelessly, with no result. I can still feel it in the pit of my stomach as I type this… Yet somehow, as I always had since a child, in the worst times, I had an unwavering faith I would eventually be on the other side of that nightmare. As my late father used to say, “This too shall pass”.

One of the final steps I had to take in order to fulfill my dream was to say goodbye to her, and give her away to a loving home.

It hurt more than I would have ever imagined and made me question what the hell I was doing.

Frankly, it still was easy(and still is) to think I was a heartless, short-sighted, ruthless bastard who wanted too much and needed to come back down to earth.

When I finally “ripped the band aid off” and said a sudden goodbye, I felt even worse about myself and my decision…

When my 5 year old son reacted with emotions of loss beyond my wildest expectations, it devastated me.

The only logic that could overrule those emotions was that now I was truly all in, and had something to prove…

Not something to prove to the world…something to prove to myself and my children!

I had no choice but to show them as soon as possible that the pain we all endured was necessary and what set us apart.

We all have a higher purpose, yet most of us live an average life. As you’re reading this, there are likely some hard decisions between you and your dream…how much will you believe?

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