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Dane Bettridge…



Dear Internet Marketer,
Have you invested in solo ads in the past only to be disappointed?

I’ve been an advocate of solo ads for a long time..

Whenever someone would bash solo ads, or make emotional statements about how much they suck, I’d defend them with facts and logic..
But I also completely understand why they get a bad rap..
Because I’ve got skin in the game..
I’ve talked to hundreds of customers and vendors..
I’ve bought tens of thousands of clicks..
And most importantly, I know what made me happy as a buyer and also what upset me as a buyer..
So now I’m selling traffic the way that I like it sold to me:


  • Clean and bot free
  • 100% Tier 1 – 100% of the time
  • Fair pricing
  • Fast delivery times
  • Traffic quality scores I’d expect as a buyer
  • Transparency about what niches this traffic is suitable for and what niches it’s not
I certainly don’t think I can fix the reputation of an entire industry overnight..
But I’m going to do my small part by providing traffic you at the level you’d expect from a friend.
I’m excited to work with you!
Your friend,
Dane Bettridge
Perfect For These Offers: 
Affiliate Marketing, Make Money Online, Network Marketing, CPA Offers

Always 100% Tier 1 Traffic 

(CA, US, AU, NZ, UK Only)


Get 10% Free Bonus Clicks
Filtered and Purified Bot-Free Traffic
100% Mixed Clicks
(Clicks Come From a Variety of Sources Including: Email Broadcast Clicks, Thank You Page Clicks, Website/Blog Clicks, Email Sequence Footer Clicks etc.)
Rapid 72 Hour Max Delivery Time

100 Rock Solid Clicks

$65.00 USD

200 Rock Solid Clicks

$130.00 USD

300 Rock Solid Clicks

$195.00 USD


500 Rock Solid Clicks

$300.00 USD

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